Why You Should Love NC Wine

So many people we talk with have no idea the wealth of great tasting wine and beautiful landscaped vineyards that are here in North Carolina. Many also aren’t aware that North Carolina produces wines outside of the sweet muscadine flavors one might normally expect.

I feel we should preface our descriptions, with the fact that we are not wine aficionados. But we have tended to favor the wines you find in the north western part of the state. We’ve spent time in the Yadkin Valley over the last few years and were overwhelmingly impressed with the scenary, people, taste, and choice of wine.

After taking our first trip to a few California vineyards in 2009, we’ve also come to learn that much of the experience around wine is influenced by the people you are with. You don’t have to know how to swirl the wine in your glass to see the legs.  Or sniff it and the wax poetically about the specifics fruit or abstract item you may smell.  It does help when the wine is tasty, but enjoying with friends with some live music on a beautiful afternoon makes the experience that much more meaningful and memorable.

So join us as we share our experiences.  Use what you like.  If nothing else, there will be pictures and perhaps videos you may find useful in your own vineyard trips across the North Carolina Wine Country.  You can thank us later as you also a lover of North Carolina wine.

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