Shadow Line Vineyard

Next time you are in Granite Falls, NC making your way down Highway 321, make a slight detour for Shadow Line Vineyard. The facility is beautiful.  On our recent trip, we started with a tasting of all 8 of their wines.

As we were throwing back our tasting, it occurred to me that we’d done a poor job of capturing our thoughts on wine tasting in North Carolina, because we have been to 8-10 vineyards over the last few years and haven’t documented our trips. Given the benefit we found in reading other’s reviews of vineyards across the State before starting our trips, we thought others could benefit.

Nestled in the country, a few miles off of highway 321, a peaceful experience awaits you at Shadow Line Vineyard. I didn’t take great notes on the tastes of these wines as one of the people in our group was participating in his first tasting, so our focus was on him, but I did choose a glass of the Merlot after finishing the tastings. Several in our group purchased bottles as well.


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