Round Peak Vineyard & Skull Camp Brewing

Our favorite stop in the Yadkin Valley so far has been Round Peak Vineyards.  For three reasons, the outdoor expansive back deck for tasting, the wonderful views from the Adirondack chairs on said deck, and the brewery combo allowing you to have the best of both worlds – wine tastings and beer flights.

On our visit, we arrived around noon and tried the Round Peak wines and the Skull Camp Brews. We had our tastings on the back deck and the views were serene and beautiful. My wife really enjoyed the Nebbiolo and I favored the Steel Jan’s, NZ IPA. Guess you can bet which choice we came home with.

The wife of the owner team served us and made our visit very enjoyable. We chose this locale at the last minute. I love when an experience for which you have initial mediocre expectations turns out to be a fantastic memory!

We were actually planning on making it back for their Grillfest event on the porch that evening (5-8pm) where they have live music and encourage you to bring some meat to throw on the grill with a picnic blanket. Next time!

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