Sweet Home Carolina Vineyard

The power of Instagram.

Scrolling through on a Saturday morning, I caught a glimpse of the wine smoothie at Sweet Home Carolina Vineyard. After looking up the location, we saw it was convenient to the drive we had in store the next day just off of Highway 421 back to Raleigh.

Sweet Home Carolina Wine Smoothie

Upon arriving, we noticed a quaint little building, right off of old 421 Highway. It was a hot afternoon, so we were looking forward to the refreshing wine smoothie that awaited us.

Sweet Home Carolina Vineyard Sign

The tasting room itself is beautiful. On your left, there’s a large wall of stonework profiling a fireplace with small shelving built in for candles.  The crimson red walls provide a nice ambiance for tasting. There was also a large grand piano in the room, which adds to the experience I’m sure at times as I’ve seen one of the owners playing it in other pictures (we didn’t get to hear it this day).

Sweet Home Carolina Vineyard Stone

Stepping up the bar, we decided to try a wine smoothie first and then a small tasting. We enjoyed the smoothie on their back deck, which felt great with the fans and breeze blowing through there. The view was serene and peaceful looking out at the vines themselves with a slight view of the very top of Pilot Mountain in the distance.

Sweet Home Carolina Vineyard Wine Smoothie

Sweet Home Carolina Vineyard & Winery

Sweet Home Carolina Vineyard Grapes


After finishing our smoothie, we made our way back in for a small tasting. We tried 6 of their wines. One red, three white and two fruit wines. Normally we go more for the reds and a chardonnay, but their specialties seemed to be in their fruit wines. Additionally, we learned that all their fruit wines are 100% fruit. We also enjoyed the labels with the tiny horses, which are normally raised on the property (also weren’t there the day we visited).

  • Moonstruck – Red Malbec
  • Baby Girl – White
  • Sweet Dreams – White
  • Epona – White
  • Twisted Pear – Fruit
  • Peaches & Dreams – Fruit

All were delicious, but we left with a bottle of the Peaches & Dreams, as my wife wants to attempt a Peach sangria.

Sweet Home Carolina Vineyard Sweet Dreams



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