The Incredible Growth of NC Wine

wineI recently stumbled across a slick presentation of the US Wine industry from the Silicon Valley Bank association which had some fascinating information. This includes predictions of where the wine industry is going in 2018 specifically in the west coast regions.

One stat, 790 million gallons of wine were consumed in 2016, made us wonder how many of those gallons might have filled NC wine glasses. From our weekend jaunts to vineyards all across NC and the increased engagement on social media alone, we know the wine business has been growing exponentially across NC but the SVB report created a curiosity to dig in to the numbers.

One of the SVB predictions:

Successful wineries 10 years from now will be those that adapted
to a different consumer with different values — a customer who
uses the internet in increasingly complex and interactive ways,
is frugal and has less discretionary income than their predecessors.
Successful companies will be those that evolve retail
strategies away from the winery location as the sole point of
experience and find other, scalable means of delivering the
experience — and the wine — to consumers where they live.

If this comes to fruition, social media will become more and more important in communicating the values and experiences people are having with #NCwine.  Some of this may already be occuring with one NC vineyard, Round Peak, producing wine in a can. But we do know that North Carolina tourism continues to grow.

It’s impressive how far the NC wine industry has come since 2000 when the state had 21 wineries. This is a graphic produced by Farm Bureau with the 2013 numbers reported by the NC Wine and Grape Council and conducted by Frank, Rimerman + Co.


Now North Carolina is the 10th largest state in the US for the count of wineries with nearly 200 and counting. But this only represents 2% of the 9,654 wineries in the US.

In terms of wine production, NC is now the 7th largest state with around 1.1 million cases per month as of January 2018, according to Wines and Vines metrics. Here’s an update from 2016:


California dominates the wine industry in the US but it’s amazing by exactly how much. California is actually responsible for 86% of the wine production in the US. But N.C. continues to increase their production which is growing rapidly.

A few interesting facts from the most recent report published in August 2017:

  • $1.97 billion of economic value to the State came from the wine and grape industry.
  • 28% of NC wine was sold directly to consumers.
  • NC wine production increased by 97% since 2013.
  • 186 wineries in NC as of August 2017.
  • 1.9 million people visited wineries in NC.
  • Biltmore Estate is the most visited winery in the US

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