We’d never been wine drinkers before. After spending a day in Temecula, California wine-tasting, we fell in love with spending days hopping vineyards, learning the process from winemakers, admiring the beautiful country sides, and sipping rich red wines – it became a quick mini passion of ours.

We couldn’t imagine how inspired we’d be to seek out more opportunities to visit new vineyards but, we didn’t want to wait to visit California again to do so.  Enter our curiosity with North Carolina wine.

Doing a little research, helped us learn that North Carolina was the 7th largest producer of wine in the US and home to the oldest vine in America (the Mothervine – dating back to 1584).  We were also pleased to find that we had at least 400 vineyards and 143 wineries in and around North Carolina.

So we planned our first trip to the Yadkin Valley area which seemed to have a great concentration of vineyards that focused on all types of wines.  But in searching for other’s experiences we were a bit disappointed there wasn’t more info about people sharing their personal experiences.  We found some good detail on the vineyards themselves at ncwine.org but craved the option to read about others visits and personal anecdotes about vineyards across the state.

This is why we’ve started this website – to share our experiences with other potential wine lovers across NC. Mainly because we are tired of people giving us the cocked head confused look when we say we are making a trip to the North Carolina Wine Country. Now we are doing our part, to help spread the word about NC wine.